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Dear Ukrainian Friends,

We understand that the current situation poses unimaginable challenges for many of you. Having to leave your country and your home is a heartbreaking choice – on top of that, it must be difficult to figure out how to live your life while peace returns. Although we do hope that it happens soon, we are aiming to help you in the best way we can, which is offering job opportunities!
If you are an experienced software developer, we would love to know more about you! Check the bottom of this page, and send us your CV!

Dear Ukrainian Friends!

Cubicfox  noun

/cubicus vulpes/

A digital predator with an insatiable appetite for growth.

Being a fox comes with rock solid principles. We believe that mutual trust and growth is the key to excellence. Thanks to this mindset, within half a decade we have grown to be a buzzing digital agency with such global clients as BMW, Vogue, Wired or Seiko, and also won many prestigious awards along the way.

We know for sure that all of our achievements would never have been possible without the dedication of our enthusiastic individuals working together for the same goal. 

If you are also driven by this code, we have good news for you: Cubicfox is the place that awakens your inner beast to achieve your personal greatness. You might be a Cubicfox, you just don’t know it yet – let’s find out!

As a company, our duty is to create an environment that enables You to thrive.



We are driven by growth

Our company’s massive growth starts with the individuals. We’ve made it this far thanks to our team members’ insatiable desire to grow, which empowers us to achieve our goals. This mindset is coded in all of us.

We take care of our community

We think and work globally but are committed to acting locally. We support local initiatives and organisations for various purposes and participate in the education of the future generation.

We create an inspiring environment

To create extraordinary results, we must provide a perfect balance of work, fun & recreation. Our office is designed to support the flow by offering opportunities to recharge during and after work.

We take responsibility

At Cubicfox, we promote smart solutions instead of cutting corners. We believe that we can actively contribute to building a sustainable, value-based future through respectful and responsible business behaviour.

Cubicfox perks
It is all about you.

Individual career path

Individual career path

Take your growth into your own hands, at your own pace, with our full support. We provide training opportunities, paid courses and more…

Work smarter

Work smarter

Thanks to our well-established processes and wide range of frameworks we enable you to dedicate your time on what you are truly passionate about.

Progressive mindset

Progressive mindset

We are committed to constantly acquire new technologies and trending solutions to stay at the top of the game. Being progressive is in our DNA.

Flexible & remote

4 day workweek & remote

We value productivity above time & location. At Cubicfox you only work 4 days a week and you can keep Fridays for yourself, plus there’s an option to work remotely.


Office perks

Recreation opportunities like cinema room & table tennis are at your service to recharge your brain, plus there are always some four-legged friends around.


Amazing community

Our community is our biggest strength. Afterwork activities like karaoke nights, laser tag parties and quiz nights create a special bond among our crew.

The pack is waiting for yousee our open positions!