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The goal of the project was to create a modern English language learning application for Angolutca, which provides an interactive way for users to easily learn English. Additionally, the system needed to have a user-friendly and modern interface. The demand for learning cards had already been proven, and in order to expand the target audience and update the service, this new learning application was created.

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The biggest challenge was to transform the already existing physical cards into a digital format that met the needs of all target audiences, both in appearance and in functionality. We made sure that the application could play audio files, which was crucial to aid in the users’ pronunciation, as well as integrating a feature where users could test their knowledge by answering questions and receiving immediate feedback, which required careful consideration and design to ensure a seamless and effective user experience.


The project started with a design phase, where we identified the required features and brainstormed new ideas. The initial development phase focused on implementing the essential features necessary for launching the app. The remaining features were planned for future development phases. The design was created with the aim of making the application visually appealing and engaging for those who want to learn English. In the next step, we developed the frontend and backend using a cross-platform solution.

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The final result is an application that provides users with access to digital cards, allowing them to learn English from virtually anywhere. The modern and intuitive user interface makes the learning experience enjoyable and easy to navigate.
Available in App Store and Google Play
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