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Hellotax offers an all-in-one solution for online sellers to help them stay tax compliant within Europe. The software provides all information and deadlines clearly displayed in one place for all countries and companies, and automates reporting activities in compliance with country-specific regulations. Hellotax offers a one-of-a-kind service in Europe, and today is integrated with a number of popular tools and marketplaces, recommended by Amazon.

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When we first met, HelloTax was a small startup with a dream and a ton of work ahead of them. The core was a business concept that needed creative technical solutions and dedication to be brought to life in the form of a VAT automation software that is valuable to customers. We took on the challenge of completely transforming the VAT automation market. Over the years of partnership, Hellotax became one of the most relevant solutions in the buzzing VAT automation industry. From the very beginning, our partnership has been a lot more than providing development resources. We gladly represented Hellotax at the Berlin E-commerce expo, and it was also a pleasure to attend team events to strengthen personal relationships.


We joined the project right in the very beginning when it was all just an idea. After careful planning and conducting a feasibility check, we immediately realized the greatest challenge: having to build a system stable enough to serve thousands of online sellers, in order to synchronize their sales and goods movement data from multiple sources, and then sort that data with an efficient algorithm that at the same time is compliant with up-to-date European VAT rules to the millions of transactions every month. Not to mention the different VAT regulations that are present in various countries of Europe.


Our goal was to create a sophisticated software automation that generates VAT reports for our users, to be submitted to European tax authorities. Simplicity and ease of use were our main focus when we created Hellotax’s user interface, which beautifully conceals the algorithm’s complexity in the background.

VAT calculations and quality checks are continuously running in the background, but we wanted to make sure that the user experience doesn’t get compromised by intense data processing. We designed an environment on Google Cloud Platform that allows us to perform perpetual VAT calculations efficiently using containers and microservices managed by Kubernetes without making the Hellotax app less convenient to use for clients.


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Growing together
We started the development process with a small team at first, but as the solution was validated on the market, and required more capacity, we expanded our team with more experts, with a team of 8 working on Hellotax at the time. With the help of agile methodology and a scrum master, we were able to support their growth quickly and reliably. Today, as VAT regulations are changing constantly, and new features are added based on user feedback, we provide ongoing support for them with a stable team.

Our partner’s feedback

“We have been working with Cubicfox since the beginning of developing Hellotax. Their work goes far beyond development, we have been working together as a team for years now, from brainstorming initial ideas to the most meticulous implementation of our concept. Together we have created a software that is used worldwide by Amazon sellers for the preparation of their tax returns. Thank you Cubicfox, we look forward to seeing what further joint successes the future has in store for us”

Christoph Prokes
Co-founder – Hellotax


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