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HuGo is a handy tool showing anything and everything in the United States with ties to Hungary, from a chimney cake maker in California to the stained-glass windows of the Washington National Cathedral. If you are curious about places of interest, restaurants, services, and community spots related to Hungary, you definitely need this app. Our job was to redesign its outlook, and develop a cross-platform application.


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The idea of HuGo builds strongly on the Hungarian community living in the USA, as the richness of content depends on the diligence of users, who find, locate and upload information and picture of the various places of interest. On one hand we had to ensure that the UX of the app encourages and informs users to upload content, therefore we introduced a rating system that rewards those who contribute. On the other hand, we had to find a way to appeal to the power of the community, and find the best way on how they could support the Foundation with donations.



Discovery Workshop
 Through our discovery framework, we reviewed the original application, and proposed new user flows and features which could enhance and improve the functionality of HuGo. Then we evaluated the importance and value of these features, and ranked them in terms of feasibility, this way we helped our client in setting their priorities right for the development.

Monetization We organized a monetization themed workshop, where we introduced the different types of models that exist on the market, and helped the client in finding the best solution, by taking into account the rationale and emotions of their users and community as well.


React Native



UX/UI Design

Cross-platform App Design

App development


Brand New HuGo We made their existing mascot – a hussar with an excellent moustache – a bit more playful in the new design, who accompanies users of the app on their journey. We also improved the transparency of map view and the display of the various points of interest within the app.

Cross-platform availability Earlier, HuGo was only available on iOS, but we had to make sure that anyone can access it. The new app has an improved usability, and introduced the donation feature, which allows community members to show their support through regular or one-time donations.. The most active users are rewarded within the app with stars.

Strong community The app also aims to foster the forming of local Hungarian communities, achieving social experiences or exchange cultural information. The HuGo application can be useful both for Hungarian “world travelers” and Americans “in love” with Hungary.

Available in App Store and Google Play
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