The ULTIMATE booking app
for travelers at Budapest.

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the Project

Ultimate Budapest is a leading provider of tourist programs in Budapest. They recognized the need for a mobile app to complement their website, and approached us to create an intuitive and visually stunning app that would offer a seamless experience to their users. Our task was to design the UX/UI and frontend development of the app, while ensuring that it would integrate smoothly with their existing headless CMS.


The biggest challenge we faced was to rethink the app development process to suit the mobile platform while integrating with the headless CMS. We had to carefully consider the user journey and the features that would make the app appealing and useful for tourists. Additionally, we had to ensure that the app and website could share data and content through the CMS.


We started with an extensive workshop where we explored all the possible functions of the app. We evaluated and prioritized them based on an effort-impact matrix and organized them through card sorting. This helped us to identify the core features and prioritize them for development.

Next, we created a clickable prototype that demonstrated the UX design, allowing us to visualize and refine the app’s flow and interactions. We worked on creating visually stunning graphics that would be appealing to the user and align with Ultimate Budapest’s brand identity.

Finally, we focused on developing the frontend, making sure that it worked seamlessly with the CMS, which was handled by the client. We continuously aligned the frontend and the backend to ensure that the app functioned correctly.


React Native


UX/UI Design

App development


The end product is a clever mobile app that allows tourists to explore and book exciting programs in Budapest. With its engaging design and graphics, the app offers a seamless experience to the user. The integration with the headless CMS enables Ultimate Budapest to manage the app and website content efficiently. Our collaborative approach and attention to detail have resulted in a product that exceeds the client’s expectations, providing them with a competitive edge in the market.
Available in App Store and Google Play
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