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In our interactive road safety game developed together with Roxer for the Hungarian Railways, you play the role of an actual detective who investigates a train accident. The purpose of the campaign was to increase the awareness of potential dangers in railway crossings and to draw the attention of traffic regulations.





There are dozens of fatal accidents at railway crossings in Hungary every year. The purpose of the ÜTKÖZÉSPONT communication campaign is to raise the awareness of young people and draw their attention to the importance of following the rules.
One challenge was to find a platform and a solution which is exciting enough for the young age group to raise their attention on this topic. Once we realized that the perfect way to go is an interactive game, the second challenge was how to implement it on a website.

A vonat fékútja AKÁR 1 km!

Mindig nézz körül!

Ha hallod, ha nem, jön a vonat!

Megéri várni!

Figyelj a fényjelzésre!


Creative phase: Together with our partner agency, we organized massive brainstorming sessions to find the most exciting solutions. We had to make sure that the storyline will be

Research: In order to find the best solutions for the implementation of our ideas, we conducted thorough research.

Film shooting: It was not a regular shooting, as it was important that the film is produced according to the specifications of the selected technology, therefore we had to make sure that everything fit the concept.






Discovery & Strategy
UX/UI Design
360 game development
Microsite development


In addition to the effective implementation and responsive display of the 360-degree technology, we managed to create a balance between video content and visual elements of the features for realistic representation, without distracting the user from the action and story of the game.

360 degree game

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We have received several prestigious awards for the design, UX and implementation of the game.

Our partner’s feedback

“I was impressed by how natural and smooth our cooperation was from the moment we started the project. Cubicfox brought many ideas to the table and it felt reassuring having them on board as they took care of every technical aspect of the project. The results speak for themselves.“

Gergely Tokodi
Head of Digital at Roxer

What we have learned
from this project

We had a great experience working together with a marketing agency on this project. With their creative thinking and mindset, and our professional expertise in terms of implementation, we were able to create an award-winning, unique game that we are very proud of.


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