Flower and gift delivery service


About project

We partnered up with our client to build an easy-to-use, convenient and eye-pleasing webdesign for their 24/7 flower & gift delivery service. We started with a thorough UX research to provide users with a hassle-free online shopping experience. Through creating a sophisticated UX, UI and graphic design, we made sure that the website is as accessible and transparent to the users as possible. We also designed the brand identity together with a new, captivating logo and created an engaging landing page for the efficient promotion of their service.

The goal

Since the brand stood before a rejuvenation, our goal was to provide our client with a comprehensive brand identity design as well as a successful digital transformation of its products and services. Through breathing new life into the existing brand, we aimed to help the company reassert its position in the marketplace.

The challenge

In addition to providing the perfect user experience and assuring the desired conversion rates, the challenge consisted also of the adequate representation of the values and the high quality of the brand through which it reaches out to its customers. Through redesigning the ‘look and feel’ of the brand while leaving its core values and foundation untouched, we succeeded at translating its driving forces into a fresh and powerful brand as well as building a memorable and positive user experience. Daily standups, regular sprint retrospectives and constant communication with the client were part of our toolset to make sure the final product meets all the expectations.


Those who worked on the project

Bezdán Patrik

Bezdán Patrik

Head of design

Márton Anita

Márton Anita

Graphic Designer

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