4 Secrets to find the perfect web development company.

Whether it’s a design refresh or a completely new web design and build, there are so many factors to consider at every stage. How much content do you have, and how is it performing? What new technology do you need to integrate? And most importantly, how is the project going to improve the experience of your site’s users?

Businesses has to choose a web design agency for the task – which is a difficult decision. You are putting your trust – and your budget – into someone else’s hands. As your website will be the online face of our company, you need to get it right.

At Cubicfox, we always carefully review a potential partner’s project, and let them know if we aren’t the right fit. After all, it would be a detriment to our agency’s reputation to take on an incompatible project that results in unsatisfying work. We’re happy to refer businesses to independent developers and designers we trust.

Here are 4 key things you should consider when choosing a web design agency for your project.

Dorottya Geiszl

Finance & Office manager, Cubicfox

1. What are your web design project requirements?

The scale and complexity of your project can impact what kind of team you hire – so before you start researching local web developer agencies, you need to outline your needs.

Image source: https://nmgtechnologies.com/blog/requirement-gathering-solve-biggest-problems-consulting.html

If you’re looking for a large redesign or a brand new build that requires complex, custom work and tech integrations, that kind of information will influence who you work with. From e-commerce to social media and email integrations, custom forms, geolocation content filtering, and custom layouts — all of these details should be presented to whomever you approach for your project.

2. How much time do you have to work on the project?


Source: http://datamigrateltd.com/2018/03/01/starting-control-time-must-consider/

Here in Cubicfox we know very well that your amazing idea must come to life as soon as possible – so that no one will outrun you. If you need your project to be finished ASAP, you have to find a bigger web developer agency – Just like Cubicfox – with more capacity. Here, most team members are flexible considering their field of expertise – so we can reorganize ourselves and put more talented developers on your project. Otherwise, if you have plenty of time on your hands, you may want to consider freelancer developers as well.

3. Do you need a refresh or a full new website?

Different tasks need different kinds of service. If you only need to refresh your present website, you should hire a smaller agency, or even a freelancer could be sufficient to deliver. In case of developing a full new website, you may want to consider hiring a bigger web development agency, just like Cubicfox. Here, with developers of different specifications, we can create your new website from scratch, and even help you with the follow-up maintenance.


Not sure if your business needs to undergo a full web development or only a refresh? Check out Web Development vs Refresh. Which one do you need?

4. What is the cost, and what’s your budget?

What is your budget? Money Cash

Source: https://due.com/blog/sticking-to-your-small-business-budget/

When hiring a web design agency or freelancers, remember to consider both the upfront cost and the long-term value.

  • How much are you able to spend?
  • Will you be billed at an hourly, or is there a set budget?
  • Is there a cap on hours or a contract that covers unexpected delays, unsatisfactory work, and other hitches in the process?

If you’re on a super-tight budget, a simple Squarespace website or a free WordPress template might do the trick, as would an economic collaboration with a contractor from another country.

If you can partner with an agency, you should still be sure to check into exactly what you’ll get out of your investment.

Which services are included in the price, and will they be willing to work with you for ongoing maintenance and support? From small bug fixes to critical security updates that impact your search ranking, your site is a living entity that needs as much attention post-launch as it gets during the design and build stages.

Your project’s success should matter just as much to your chosen web design agency or contractor. Do your homework, present all of your needs up front, and don’t be afraid to ask all of these questions — and more!

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