Angolutca is an intuitive English language learning application developed by Cubicfox. The goal of the project was to create an interactive and user-friendly app that allows busy adults to easily learn English. Building upon the success of their already existing learning cards, this new app aimed to expand the target audience and provide an updated learning experience. The project encompassed various phases, including design, development, and implementation of essential features, with future enhancements planned for subsequent development cycles.

During the design phase, our team identified the necessary features and brainstormed innovative ideas to ensure an engaging user experience. We aimed to create a visually appealing interface that would captivate English learners. Emphasis was placed on user-friendliness, keeping in mind the busy lifestyles of our target audience. The design phase served as the foundation for the subsequent development stages.

In this article, we aim to highlight some intriguing challenges encountered during the development of the application, providing insights into the multitude of factors that need to be taken into account when designing an app, often overlooked by the average user.

Offline Functionality

One of the interesting challenges in the project was to enable offline functionality for users. If a user experiences a loss of internet connectivity for more than 10 seconds, the app seamlessly transitions to an offline deck view. Most similar language learning apps rely on real-time data from servers. To overcome this challenge, we provided users with the option to download card deck data from the server in advance. The downloaded data is stored locally on the user’s device.

Migration of Card Data from Legacy System

Another significant challenge was migrating the existing card data from the legacy system to the new application. We developed a Python script specifically designed to filter and transform the data. Since the data storage mechanisms differed between the old and new systems, modifications were required. The script successfully resolved these differences, allowing for a seamless transfer of card data to our new database. Once the migration was complete, the data was securely uploaded to our system, ensuring the availability of the cards within the new application.

Future Enhancements and AI Integration

As part of our forward-thinking approach, we designed the application with future enhancements in mind. The client expressed their desire to incorporate AI capabilities, such as conversational interactions with an AI language assistant. Our development process ensured the flexibility and extensibility required to integrate these features seamlessly in subsequent development cycles. The initial development phase focused on delivering a minimum viable product to expedite the app’s release while allowing room for future advancements.

Hands-Free Usage and Adaptive Timing

A key objective of the Angolutca app was to enable hands-free usage, allowing users to learn English during various activities. To achieve this, we implemented hands-free functionality, enabling users to interact with the app by minimizing interruptions to their daily routines. For this, we incorporated adaptive timing for card display. Based on the character count of each card’s content, the app intelligently calculates the display duration, ensuring optimal visibility and learning efficiency.

This case study serves as a reminder that dedicating sufficient resources to the planning stage allows for well-thought-through features that enhance the user experience. We at Cubicfox understand the significance of this process and we are committed to supporting clients on their journey towards creating successful and innovative applications.

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