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Whether you are a startup or a big corporation, if it comes to product development you need to make sure that it’s based on the right foundation. That requires the common ground between all the stakeholders and the product team, based on proper research and design. Therefore a discovery is both a strategy and an instrument of successful and cost-effective product development. Our systematic Product Discovery Framework is tailored to reveal, examine and evaluate the factors that your product’s success will depend on and to project the road with a plan to ensure we get there.

Key areas of our



Understanding and defining your project’s business goals and KPI’s, develop your product strategy.


Outline feature roadmap and define what we are actually going to build, prioritised by effort & impact.


Examine feasibility, technical requirements & 3rd party integrations, defining tech stack and architecture.

User Experience

Understanding your target audience, their motivation and designing their user journeys.


Defining a plan how we are going to deliver your product’s functions, from milestone to milestone.


After discovering and planning all major areas of your product, we project the costs of implementation.

This phase aims to understand the problem your product will solve and identify all equation variables. We systematically gather business insights, analytics, and information about your target audience and market. We conduct research to explore your competitors’ services and reveal your users’ motivations and pain points. After seeing the whole picture, together, we project a solid product vision that will be the foundation of development.

Methods & deliverables: Discovery Workshop, Desk / Field Research, Product Vision, Analytics, User Interviews

Based on the findings of our discoveries, we define KPIs and outline the functionality of your product through the high level definition of user journeys and user stories to scope your MVP. We examine the feasibility to find the best suiting technologies and available third party services. Through workshops and various techniques we evaluate features and set the priorities on an effort impact matrix to make sure that your future specification will bring the most benefit to your business and your users.

Methods and deliverables: Card sorting, Feature Evaluation, User Journey, Feasibility Check, User Story Map

This stage is all about actual design covering all elements of the blueprint for your product’s development. We create the Information Architecture to visually display the features and their hierarchy. With Wireframes and Prototypes, we schematically illustrate the relationship between functions and contents. The apex of the entire process is the comprehensive development specification that includes all deliverables and findings of previous stages along with detailed technical description of the implementation.

Methods and deliverables: Information Architecture, Wireframe, Prototype, Specification, Feature roadmap & milestones


Case Studies.


Cooperation models.

The success of development depends on the method of cooperation as much on the experience of your developer team. Learn more about the multiple frameworks we provide and choose the one that suits your project the most.

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“They gave us the support, flexibility, and confidence through the whole project – even in the toughest times.”
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